PolyFiRM Stabilizers 
Durable polymer compounds for road and trail surfaces   *formerly A.R. Smith Distributing

PolyFirm Road Patch

  • Bonds to asphalt and concrete 
  • Non-toxic, durable copolymer resin + aggregate 
  • Creates very tough surface 
  • No special tools required 
  • Available as pre-mix or components  
  • Ready for traffic immediately 

Pavement patches that really work!

Soft asphalt patches can’t support heavy loads and get pushed around.  Often, they disintegrate after only one season.  

As the pavement underneath expands and contracts, a concrete patch pops up and creates more problems.

PolyFirm Patches bond to the pavement instead of just laying on top, which keeps the patch securely seated.

Before and immediately after patch

Two year old patch, Moderate to heavy traffic.

PolyFirm Road Patch is a wonderfully easy to use patching material for asphalt and concrete surfaces or roads, drives and walkways.  More flexible than concrete; more durable than asphalt. 

PolyFirm CPx 2900 Series Road Patch uses a water-based, Vinyl Acrylic Copolymer Emulsion combined with specified blends of crushed rock aggregate which when dried will polymerize and bind the particles of gravel into a versatile pavement patch.  This is a special version of the same base resin used in our Trail Binder which has been in use by dozens of Parks and other Municipal landscape organizations for nearly 10 years.