PolyFiRM Stabilizers 
Durable polymer compounds for road and trail surfaces   *formerly A.R. Smith Distributing

PolyFirm Sidewalk Fix

  • Patch sidewalk and driveway cracks and separations
  • Adheres to asphalt and concrete walkways
  • Creates a tough and resiliant joint
  • Outperforms concrete, asphalt and epoxy patches
  • Available as pre-mix or components 
Sidewalk cracks are unsightly, dangerous, and unfortunately common.  Sidewalk Fix is a cost-effective and simple solution that will fill cracks and match any color or material.

PolyFirm CPx 2900 Series Sidewalk Fix uses a water-based, Vinyl Acrylic Copolymer Emulsion combined with specified blends of crushed rock aggregate which when dried will polymerize and bind the particles of gravel into a versatile pavement patch.

Patching cracked and separated sidewalk
Patch is still in perfect condition 1 year later